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Sarah Allen, 01/09/2011 10:57 pm

h1. Open Workshop Project

Mission: Enabling Rails developers everywhere to organize and present high-quality introductory Rails workshops.

Lead: Sarah Mei, sarah mei at gmail dot com.

Summary: Sarah Mei and Sarah Allen are running an introductory Rails workshop series in San Francisco. We are releasing all our topic outlines, slides, logistics notes, etc., and inviting the community to use and modify them.

Mailing list: for workshop organizers, volunteers and teachers

These initial workshops are aimed at getting more women in the SF Ruby community, but the workshop materials are suitable for a general audience. We hope that by releasing them, they'll find a wider audience than just the people we can personally reach.

Resources: How can I help? Currently we need help with the following:
  • A website for the project, beyond this wiki page! Hosting is taken care of by Mike Gunderloy, and we'll use the workshops.railsbridge.org subdomain. We need a blog for front page/news, a calendar, and some github integration. Join the mailing list if you're interested.
  • Detailed installation instructions for OS X (Leopard, Panther, Tiger). On the DevChix wiki we have very detailed instructions for Windows, but sketchier ones for OS X. Even if you can just give it 15 minutes and try the first thing, go for it.

Please feel free to make an account on the DevChix wiki and edit and add pages, even if you're a guy. We would have started over here on this wiki, but the workshop project actually got going before RailsBridge did. :)

Upcoming Workshops
  • Feb 4-5, SF/Twitter, Amy Chen,
  • March 11-12, Enphase Energy, Petaluma, Brenda Strech & Ilen Zazueta-Hall
  • March TBD (end), South Bay, Kelly Dunn, Doug Goldie
  • April TBD, SF/ModCloth, Megan Guering,
  • May TBD, SF, Raphael Lee, Andrea Angquist
  • May TBD, East Bay/Oakland?, Shailen Tuli, Glen Jarvis
  • June TBD, SF, Patti Chan
  • July 15-16, SF, Amy Lightholder, Rachel Myers
  • August TBD, SF, Andrea Angquist, Walter Yu
  • Octoberish, Code Camp? No install?
  • Med Help HQ, 929 Market St, SF (2 wings w/ 5 sm-to-med conf rooms, sofas, desks, max 130 ppl)
  • IGN, 625 2nd St, SF (large space & lots of conf rooms)
  • Miso, 5th & Mission (large space + lots of conf rooms)
  • Quid, Front & Pacific (large space + 3 conf rooms)
  • Microsoft, above Westlake mall (large space + lots of conf rooms)
  • Pivotal
  • Engine Yard
Venues - South Bay
  • Hacker Dojo (Mountain View)
  • CMU (Mountain View)
  • Foothill College?
Venues - North Bay
  • Enphase Energy (Petaluma)
  • O'Reilly (Sebastopol)
Venues - East Bay
  • Berkeley/Jon Seidel?
  • Beeswax?
  • TechLiminal?
  • CouchOne?
  • 6050 Lowell St?
Past Workshops Writeups

Feedback from attendees

"In addition to learning way more than I expected, I enjoyed the tone of the entire weekend. It was the only attitude-free, newbie-safe and mama-friendly tech event I have ever attended"

"It was wonderful to be surrounded by such motivated expert women programmers. It was a new experience for me. I liked it."

"A friendly and supportive environment. I was surprised at how much personal attention and care was given--really a wonderful, wonderful event from a great team!"

Read more attendee feedback! (6/13, 8/1)