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1 20 Eric Davis
2 20 Eric Davis
3 79 Dan Pickett
h1. NEXT BUGMASH May 15-16, 2010
4 60 Mike Gunderloy
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h1. BugMash
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Have you ever wondered how you could get started contributing to the core Rails code? Have you been watching the growth of RailsBridge and wondering where you could fit in? Well, wonder no longer: we have an answer to both of those questions. Announcing:
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h2. The First Rails and RailsBridge BugMash
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11 75 Mike Gunderloy
The idea is simple: RailsBridge has a lot of energy. Rails, being a volunteer effort, needs help to bring version 3.0 to release. With the help of some Rails Core team members, we're going to see what we can do to move Rails 3.0 towards a successful beta, encourage more people to get involved with the Rails source, and have some fun.
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Some of the Bridgers will be organizing a face-to-face way for BugMash participants to come together ([[BugMash#Teams|Teams]]), but there's no need to be there to be a part of it. We'll also have a room open on IRC, and people who are familiar with the Rails internals will be available to help point you in the right direction. We're going to do everything we can to make it easy to start contributing to Rails.
14 7 Dana Jones
15 80 Dan Pickett
What can _you_ do to help? Some ideas:
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17 75 Mike Gunderloy
* Fix a known issue
18 75 Mike Gunderloy
* Report a bug
19 80 Dan Pickett
* Comment on an issue
20 80 Dan Pickett
* Verify a patch
21 2 Eric Davis
22 75 Mike Gunderloy
We'll have a way for you to register your work up by the start of the BugMash. Anyone who contributes in any way to the success of Rails 3 will be entered in the [[BugMash#Prizes|Prize]] drawing.
23 75 Mike Gunderloy
24 3 Mike Gunderloy
h2. Official BugMash hours
25 4 Mike Gunderloy
26 82 Dan Pickett
Rails contributors are located all over the world, so we're going to define an extended weekend for the BugMash. So we're going to run from Saturday noon in New Zealand (00:00:00 May 15 GMT) to Sunday midnight on the US West coast (07:00:00 May 16 GMT). That should give everyone who wants to be involved plenty of time to participate.
27 60 Mike Gunderloy
28 6 Mike Gunderloy
h2. Resources
29 4 Mike Gunderloy
30 81 Dan Pickett
* Downloadable "Rails BugMash Guide":http://bugmash.com/BugMashManual.pdf (PDF format)
31 1
* [[Pre-flight Checklist]]
32 1
* [[BugMashCheatSheet]]
33 78 Jeff Casimir
* [[GettingStartedDevelopingRails3]] -- Created at the DC Rails Bugmash on 4/24/10
34 76 Mike Gunderloy
35 76 Mike Gunderloy
There are also some resources aimed at helping you fix Rails bugs, though that's not the focus of the January BugMash:
36 76 Mike Gunderloy
37 76 Mike Gunderloy
* [[BugMashFlowchart]]
38 70 Chad Woolley
* "Contributing to Rails":http://guides.rubyonrails.org/contributing_to_rails.html
39 26 Mike Gunderloy
* "Tickets tagged with 'bugmash'":https://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8994-ruby-on-rails/tickets/bins/41908
40 26 Mike Gunderloy
* There are official Rails Continuous Integration servers which test against multiple interpreters and databases.  See the Continuous Integration section in the [[BugMashFlowchart]]
41 26 Mike Gunderloy
* The Rails "Continuous Integration Server Setup Notes":http://github.com/rails/rails/blob/master/ci/ci_setup_notes.txt can be helpful in getting the various databases configured
42 26 Mike Gunderloy
* http://railscasts.com/episodes/113-contributing-to-rails-with-git
43 1
* [[BugMashStats]]
44 61 Dan Pickett
45 64 Dan Pickett
h2. Teams
46 64 Dan Pickett
47 75 Mike Gunderloy
We're not doing team-based scoring, but we do have people getting together in various cities. If you're getting together a team for the next BugMash, please add it here:
48 26 Mike Gunderloy
49 75 Mike Gunderloy
* (to be determined)
50 38 Mike Gunderloy
51 77 Dan Pickett
If you're interested in one of these, or want to organize your own in-person event, drop by the #railsbridge IRC channel to chat.
52 18 Mike Gunderloy
53 18 Mike Gunderloy
h2. IRC support
54 18 Mike Gunderloy
55 18 Mike Gunderloy
We'll have experienced Rails developers and core team members available on IRC for as many hours during the BugMash as humanly possible. If you're having trouble getting started, want to brainstorm about a particular ticket, or can help other people out, please come by and join us. We'll be hanging out on the #railsbridge channel on Freenode IRC. Our [[IRCGuide]] can help you get connected.
56 18 Mike Gunderloy
57 75 Mike Gunderloy
We also have a bot who's helping us keep track of who's working on what. Details at [[BugMashBotUsage]]. (But we probably won't use the bot for the Rails 3 BugMash).
58 18 Mike Gunderloy
59 18 Mike Gunderloy
h2. Scoring
60 33 Eric Davis
61 75 Mike Gunderloy
1 point for each thing that you do to help Rails 3 along. In the case of any disputes, the decisions of the BugMash team are final.
62 18 Mike Gunderloy
63 75 Mike Gunderloy
For every point, you'll get 1 ticket in the lottery to distribute the prizes.
64 18 Mike Gunderloy
65 57 Dan Pickett
h2. Past Events
66 1
67 58 Dan Pickett
* [[2009-08]]
68 75 Mike Gunderloy
* [[2009-09]]
69 45 Elad Meidar
70 45 Elad Meidar
h2. Participants Testimonials
71 45 Elad Meidar
72 83 Rohit Arondekar
* "My first Rails bugmash":http://rohitarondekar.com/articles/my-first-rails-bugmash - "I participated in the Rails Bugmash held on the 15th and 16th of May via the #railsbridge IRC channel. It was an awesome experience, wherein I learnt a lot..." - Rohit
73 46 Philip Ingram
* "Rails BugMash on RailsBridge":http://blog.eizesus.com/2009/8/rails-bugmash-how-i-fell-in-love-again - ".. witnessed the mission and statement of #railsbridge coming true in the very first time they were put to the test. ..." - Elad.
74 47 Peer Allan
* "Lessons I learned about Rails from the BugMash":http://ingraminternet.com/posts/3-lessons-learned-about-rails-from-bugmash-09 - I describe the lessons that I learned during the BugMash about Rails and the rails community - Philip.
75 52 Mike Gunderloy
* "Rails Bugmash August 2009: Before, During & After":http://www.allanweb.ca/2009/08/11/rails-bugmash-august-2009-before-during-after/ - Peer
76 63 Irina Dumitrascu
* "Rails Bugmash: sweet":http://elisehuard.wordpress.com/2009/08/16/rails-bugmash-the-roundup/ - "Not only was it very instructive, it was also lots of fun, like resolving chinese puzzles in group, and against a clock. " - Elise
77 1
* "fixed bugs for fun: Rails BugMash":http://www.dira.ro/blog/2009/08/will-fix-bugs-for-fun-rails-bugmash/ - "Big Kudos to RailsBridge for organizing the event and easing the ‘contributing to Rails learning curve’. It allowed me to use my Ruby & Rails skills to the max, even if it was the first time I contributed." - dira