The RailsBridge Mission:

To create an inclusive and friendly Ruby on Rails community.

The RailsBridge Guidelines:

  • First, do no harm. Then, help where you can.
  • Bridge the gap from aspiring developer to contributing community member, through mentoring, teaching, and writing.
  • Reach out to individuals and groups who are underrepresented in the community.
  • Collaborate with other groups with similar goals.

RailsBridge Projects

Our members are pursuing a variety of projects in support of our mission. Email the contact person or join our mailing list to get involved:

Get involved

To succeed, we need your help! Here's what you can do to be a part of the RailsBridge vision:

Helping Bridgers

Ways to help out your fellow Bridgers.

  • Work Looking for work? Need help with your workload? List enough details to make contact and work the rest out off wiki.
  • BridgersProjects Show off stuff you're working on.
  • VirtualLaunchLunch Releasing a product? Want to swap stories, share advice, commiserate, congratulate, etc, this is for you.

Get informed

Let people know what's been going on by summaries to the mailing list, because it's hard to keep track of as this grows bigger and bigger.


You decide how much information you want to give us...

Members - short list, twitter, etc. There's a tweepml list of folks here:
Members - Full list, scrapable


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